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Is this possible? 3 years 10 months ago #5790

Tobus wrote: I wasn't trying to criticise you ST - you guys know the server code much better than me and if it's too hard/complex to implement a separate CB scoring system then that's that. I think the two-table system now is a pretty good compromise - if you play for points you can get on the "top 15" list, if you prefer to go for speed then you can get on the "fastest 15" list... and you can always just play for fun :)

Tobus: I know and understand you. Remember that admins are players too I play very often, but... there comes an admin call and I'm the only one admin available... I don't mind my game goes "blurp" because I feel the feedback of the problems I solved. And that, for me, is like I won a game. Some players will hate me, others will like me for my decisions as an admin, when I'm admining!!! Fear me when I play :P

A few things though:

Tobus wrote: - The extra houses/pop from starting late is a definite advantage. I proved this to myself by building a town to 23 houses/499 pop then doing a "!reset me", starting a new company and claiming the same town... I cut close to 10mins off my usual time by doing this (I only did it once to see how much difference it makes, it's cheating in my book). As you say, access to a better train would also give an advantage, but I just used my usual setup in this test.

All admins are advised to keep an eye on this actions! Last year (2016), similar actions caused, on my count 18 tempbans, most of them solved with some long chats on IRC, others with longest replies on forum. I strongly recommend players don't use this - a ban can appear of the space when similar actions happen ^^;

Tobus wrote: - Performance is highly tied to Company Value (via vehicles, profit, income, money, loan etc.), and so is valueToPlaytimeRelation... I think this is why the points is so much more affected by $$ than by time, even with the tweaks for CB servers. It's very complicated and I don't think it's possible to ever get a single formula that works perfectly on all scenarios.

Well, I pointed a server that's online, with a 4K CB goal where you can make some tests... and it's server #14. You know where to find me :);

Tobus wrote: Please note that I'm not asking for any changes, just pointing out why, if you play CB for speed, you shouldn't expect the points to always make sense. :)

Tobus: As we disabled the Give Money fuction to other company(ies), we didn't disabled that to stop players to help other ones, different companies, when hard times appear! We disabled that feature because was being exploited (specially on CV's ^^)! And, before you ask why Server goal, Time, Performance, Vehicles, CV or whatever, are taken in account in the points formula?! It's because we consider that's important too, OpenTTD gameplay side.
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