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How to run OpenTTD 1.11.2 BTPro client on Mac OSX 4 months 2 weeks ago #7877

Hello everyone,, I'm back into the game! So my previous guide to install BTPro Client on MacOS was stopped working on version 1.11 prior to an update from official OpenTTD's developer. So I will tell you what to do now, dear MacOS user :)

First of all, create new folder (or anywhere isolated from any other files). Let's say "btpro_client". Then open terminal inside it.

Then, please download required files below:
  1. OpenTTD original game client from it's official website. Download the SOURCE (zip archive) of the 1.11.2 version for macos. Or you can run this command instead:
    curl https://cdn.openttd.org/openttd-releases/1.11.2/openttd-1.11.2-source.zip --output openttd-1.11.2-source.zip
  2. BTPro Client Diff. Download it from the pinned topic of BTPro OpenTTD Client Talk. Or if you are unable to, run this command:
    curl http://openttd.btpro.nl/OpenTTD_versions/BTPro_Client_1.11.2_1112A_patch.zip --output OpenTTD_1.11.2_1112A_patch.zip
  3. innerhighlight.grf file. This file is included on patch zip on previous step. So don't worry about it, next!
  4. These files are optional, means you can run the game without these files but it won't have any sound and music :(
    Please download OpenSFX (sound), and OpenMSX (music). Get in at OpenTTD official website. Or you can run these commands instead:
    curl https://cdn.openttd.org/opensfx-releases/1.0.1/opensfx-1.0.1-all.zip --output opensfx-1.0.1-all.zip
    curl https://cdn.openttd.org/openmsx-releases/0.4.0/openmsx-0.4.0-all.zip --output openmsx-0.4.0-all.zip

After you get the files I mentioned above, let's make the fun begin!
  1. Extract the "openttd-1.11.2-source.zip" and "OpenTTD_1.11.2_1112A_patch.zip"
  2. Move "public_1112A.diff" from extracted patch folder into "openttd-1.11.2" folder
  3. Navigate terminal inside "openttd-1.11.2" folder or simply run
    cd openttd-1.11.2
    then run
    patch -p1 < public_1112A.diff
  4. Create new folder, let's name it "build". Then navigate terminal inside "build" folder or simply run
    cd build
    cmake ..
    It will take a moment, be patient please (you may need to install "cmake" first)
  5. After the make command finished. Please copy the "newgrf" folder inside extracted patch folder into "build/baseset" folder (baseset folder inside build folder). Please make sure there is a file called "innerhighlight.grf" inside the "newgrf" folder
  6. Last, extract the opensfx and openmsx and copy all the files inside those extracted folders into "build/baseset", hit replace all it doesn't matter.

  7. Finish!
    Run the "openttd" file inside "build" folder by simply double click on it. Can't find a way to bundle it (wrap everything to become one executable file), but at least it's work.

    If you're unable to join game because of missmatch NewGRF, please go to multiplayer, select any of the server you want to join then search for it's missing content.

    If you have any better way or suggestion, please comment below.
    If you have any error or difficulties, please feel free to ask, alot of kind people here. I love them :)

    Tested on MacOS Mojave 10.14.4.

    I wish everyone always have good health and happy. See ya!

    My previous guide: openttd.btpro.nl/forum/30-btpro-openttd-...ro-client-on-mac-osx
    Breaking change version >1.11 notice: wiki.openttd.org/en/Archive/Compilation%...F%89BSD#openttd-1-11

    If you're familiar with Git, clone the final version of this long process from here github.com/trastanechora/btpro-macos-client-sample and you're free from the huzzle ;)
    I will try to update the repo on every patch available, when I have time ofc.
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