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Clafoutis & tomate bring the beers ;) 6 years 5 months ago #3078

I said in previous games. the fact the you use several nicknames ingame doesn't mean we don't know it's you! But you think that, sadly!
Now, lets to the serious matter:
1 - I didn't wanted to quote this... but I will. Since the latest ban was made by me and because of this words:

[2014-06-13 12:59:17] <+ttd-srv17> Gosh (Orange): tu vas te faire foutre espece de fascist
[2014-06-13 12:59:43] <+ttd-srv17> Gosh (Orange): tu veux plus de joueurs sur ton site de merde
... (and continued with other annoying things)

And I don't need to read the rest to get an opinion, but I will. Continuing...
Good players don't use this language. Bad language is only used by BAD players, because can't win respecting the server rules. Our servers have rules and you can read them here .
And as you say: "There is lots of good servers, wher players can play quiet.". Just go, and don't waste our time here! Our admins take their free time to admin servers (manage rule breaks or any other issue/doubt from the players, even when they are playing, loosing time talking to players like you instead of building/playing). But you don't understand that and the replies in a language that not english - rule 1 - tell us your intentions!

2 - Second point, and glad you reminded me...

To much reglementation will kill your server especially if you invent something new every time, (train must be egal to trains, putting a railway station is egal to reserve land, secondary trains must be shorter than principals .....). --> this is breaking rules i heard from st2. Where has is read something like this ?

If you read server rule #7 and respect it... I won't need to call you the attention of having a 25 tile station (only to reach 3 coal mines) and 7 tile trains. And if I remember correctly, I told you that, helped you on remove the rule breaks and set tranfer tracks/vehicles. And I even explained that to you, and the rule that applied. By your words, you remember the action... but not the server rules! Sadly!

3 - Getting hot ^^

Most important, an admin should not take part competition, I think nobody can be put in a position of being both judge and judged.

An admin is an OpenTTD player at start, that can judge rule breaks even if playing the same game. That's our principle... and that's why we don't accept players to become admin on first word "I want to be an admin". We want good admins (fair, even if playing) and good players (that respect server rules). And as you see, since other admins read the logs, the fail it's on you! Read carefully server rules and don't force admins remind them to you everytime you play.

4 - If you don't want to be disturbed with server rules or whatever... OpenTTD has a fabulous thing: Single Player games. Nobody will bother you there and for what I saw coming from your side... Make SP games and don't bother players that play Multiplayer games in servers that have rules and respect them. Do that to us, please! ok?

5 - Clafoutis, I know French! Therefore, the ST2's suggestion is a ban appeal here . As I said... if you want, ofc ^^

6 - And from what I saw you, know the rules... because you accepted all changes I made and all advertisements I gave you... without a word back, or any complainings at the time! Remember that my last action was a 3 day IP tempban. Personally, I prefer not extend it, neither to the IP's you use to connect to the forum. Not talking about the account, for now!

Well, I guess it's all for now ^^
and I'm glad and happy for being on a server community that don't block threads simply because don't want "bad answers"
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